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Top 20 MCQ Quiz on Hollywood Movies



Question 1: Who directed the movie “Jurassic Park”? a) Steven Spielberg b) James Cameron c) Christopher Nolan d) George Lucas

Answer: a) Steven Spielberg

Question 2: Which actor portrayed the character Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? a) Chris Hemsworth b) Chris Evans c) Robert Downey Jr. d) Mark Ruffalo

Answer: c) Robert Downey Jr.

Question 3: Which Hollywood film is known for the iconic line “Here’s looking at you, kid”? a) Casablanca b) The Godfather c) Gone with the Wind d) Citizen Kane

Answer: a) Casablanca

Question 4: Who played the role of Jack Dawson in the movie “Titanic”? a) Leonardo DiCaprio b) Tom Hanks c) Brad Pitt d) Johnny Depp

Answer: a) Leonardo DiCaprio

Question 5: Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2020? a) Parasite b) Joker c) 1917 d) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Answer: a) Parasite

Question 6: In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption,” what is the occupation of the main character, Andy Dufresne? a) Lawyer b) Banker c) Writer d) Banker

Answer: b) Banker

Question 7: Which film is known for the famous quote “Life is like a box of chocolates”? a) Forrest Gump b) The Dark Knight c) The Matrix d) The Godfather

Answer: a) Forrest Gump

Question 8: Who directed the film “Inception”? a) Christopher Nolan b) Quentin Tarantino c) Martin Scorsese d) James Cameron

Answer: a) Christopher Nolan

Question 9: Which actress portrayed the character Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” film series? a) Emma Watson b) Kristen Stewart c) Jennifer Lawrence d) Keira Knightley

Answer: a) Emma Watson

Question 10: Which Hollywood movie is known for the line “Here’s Johnny!”? a) Psycho b) The Exorcist c) The Shining d) The Silence of the Lambs

Answer: c) The Shining

Question 11: Which film features characters named Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader? a) Star Wars b) Star Trek c) Guardians of the Galaxy d) Interstellar

Answer: a) Star Wars

Question 12: Who directed the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”? a) Christopher Nolan b) James Cameron c) Peter Jackson d) Chris Columbus

Answer: d) Chris Columbus

Question 13: Which Hollywood movie is based on the novel by Stephen King and features a telepathic boy with psychic powers? a) The Green Mile b) It c) The Shining d) Misery

Answer: c) The Shining

Question 14: Which actor portrayed the character James Bond in the film series? a) Tom Cruise b) Daniel Craig c) Sean Connery d) George Clooney

Answer: c) Sean Connery

Question 15: Which film is known for the famous line “I’ll be back”? a) Die Hard b) The Terminator c) Predator d) Rambo

Answer: b) The Terminator

Question 16: Who directed the film “Avatar”? a) Steven Spielberg b) Christopher Nolan c) James Cameron d) Martin Scorsese

Answer: c) James Cameron

Question 17: Which film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2020? a) Toy Story 4 b) Frozen II c) Soul d) Zootopia

Answer: c) Soul

Question 18: Who played the role of the Joker in the film “The Dark Knight”? a) Heath Ledger b) Joaquin Phoenix c) Jared Leto d) Jack Nicholson

Answer: a) Heath Ledger

Question 19: In the movie “Inception,” what is the main objective of the characters’ mission? a) To steal a valuable artifact b) To rescue a kidnapped person c) To plant an idea into someone’s mind d) To solve a murder mystery

Answer: c) To plant an idea into someone’s mind

Question 20: Who directed the film “The Godfather”? a) Martin Scorsese b) Quentin Tarantino c) Alfred Hitchcock d) Francis Ford Coppola

Answer: d) Francis Ford Coppola

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